May 2018 Client Spotlight

                                    KRIS STENCIL

Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Kris Stencil this month! Congratulations from staff and friends at Pro Fitness!

I started training at Pro Fitness 15 years ago. I would have periods where I slacked off, but now I have been doing sessions with Doug and going to group classes consistently, multiple days of the week and I can see the improvements in not just my physical appearance, but my overall health.

I decided to begin working with a trainer because I not only needed motivation, but someone who knows the right and best techniques to workout regarding my age, focus areas, and ultimate fitness goals.  All the Pro Fitness trainers have a genuine care for their clients that go beyond just the numbers on the scale.  Pro Fitness is such a strong close knit family, that they know who you are, and want you to succeed and achieve your fitness goals. They are an amazing help on your fitness journey through their training methods, health tips, and overall push to do things outside of your comfort zone, but measures that make a dynamic improvement in your everyday life.

My initial goals when I first started would be that I wanted to be in better shape. I was very involved with athletics (skiing, tennis, golf) all through my younger years, and then they ended up getting lost in all the craziness of work/life balance. Raising a child and going through hard times, I started putting everything in front of my own health and well-being. Going to Pro Fitness for the first time was a big step to take, and the continuous support from the trainers and other clients was instantly contagious. Sure I fell off the bandwagon multiple times, having to cancel appointments; however the important part is that I worked out when I could even if it was once a month way in the beginning, and just the overall environment at Pro Fitness started igniting a fire inside me because I was now accountable to people. To be a part of a community should never be something someone does not get to experience in their life. Pro Fitness is a judgment free zone, where people help each other accomplish their goals and grow together.

I feel like a million bucks! I have less stress, not only because of the intense workouts, but also because I am dedicating time to take care of my body’s health. Through the knowledge of Doug, Lisa, Steve, Chrystal, and the other trainers, I am constantly hearing new health tips to better enhance my life. From recipes to newly found health remedies, my skin, my energy, and even my outlook on life has greatly shot up in a positive direction. Even on my worst days, going to Pro Fitness just changes me for the better through the work outs, positive reinforcements, and kind people.

Going forward, I would like to continue attending group classes and being a positive person for newcomers, reach my goal weight, and continue to build muscle and to push myself on those days when you just do not want to work out.  I would like to be a figure that when people look at my transformation they get a spark inside them to live a healthy lifestyle that focuses on them and their overall success.

I am so fortunate to have found Pro Fitness. Because of them I have made lasting friendships, a better lifestyle for my future, and I have become a stronger person than ever before! Thank y

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