Pro Fitness is offering online training through the Zoom app. Personal training and classes are available. Please read the information on our home page for details.

Pro Fitness provides guidance and motivation to help you attain all of your goals to include losing weight, leading a healthy lifestyle, increasing muscle mass, reducing the aches and pains of aging or getting ready for a fitness event. Our trainers have a wide knowledge and experience base that are used to put together the best program for you. We will challenge your body, your mind, and your spirit to achieve YOUR fitness goals.

Our Services Include:

Integrative Health Coaching – You are the ultimate owner of your life and your health.  Being in the driver’s seat requires a good map.  This means knowing what your health is like now and what you would like your health to be going forward.  Whole person health and well being means understanding what your life goals are and what contributes to your sense of wellness over time.  Your health coach reviews your personal health inventory with you and uses it as a tool to help you plan for your health in a way that fits your unique life and goals.

Personal Training – An exceptional way to enhance your fitness.  Whether you are training for an upcoming race, a weight lifting competition, want to lose weight or to increase your general level of fitness, this is the service for you.  A certified personal trainer spends 30 or 45 minutes giving you a focused, need-specific workout that will challenge you.

Team Training – Personal training for two or more individuals at a time. Commit to fitness with a friend or family member and they will help hold you accountable. These sessions are challenging and fun, all at the same time.

Group Classes – Do you like the interaction of others while you work out? If so, group classes are for you.  Each class works all the muscle groups and leaves you invigorated and looking forward to the next class.  Learn more about specific classes here 

Weight Loss / Nutrition Counseling – A certified personal trainer will identify your nutrition needs, establish key interventions, formulate goals, and help you achieve your weight loss goals to improve your quality of life.