Ken Klemm & Sandy Perillo – National Parks Adventure

We started taking hiking vacations when we were in our 40’s.  While on a vacation to the San Juan Islands in WA, a former park ranger we met told us that if you want to see really panoramic scenery, you need to get out on the trails.  And we’ve found that to be true.  Now in our mid 60’s, we train with Doug (who has helped us recover from illness and work around injury) and work out at Pro Fitness so we can keep enjoying trails all over the world.  We’ve always been impressed by hikers in their 70’s, 80’s and beyond who are fit and out enjoying the trails.  We want to be like them.

This September we visited four National Parks:  Theodore Roosevelt NP, Glacier NP, Yellowstone NP and Grand Teton NP.  We hiked over 90 miles in 16 days and had some incredible experiences, taking in amazing views and color, watching the sun rise over the mountains, enjoying geyser eruptions, spotting big horn sheep, elk, bear and buffalo, and hiding behind trees while a moose walked down the trail just a few feet from us.  September is a beautiful time to visit the parks-no crowds, lots of color and perfect hiking weather.

Trainers Doug and Cindy – Summer Adventure Spotlight

Doug’s Adventure!

Thank you for giving this time to talk about our adventures in the U.S. National Parks.  Dionne & I spent a few days both at Canyon Lands National Park, and Arches National Park in southern Utah.  We like to travel to new places, explore the trails, and enjoy the small towns we pass through.  Our vacations over the past few years have all been hiking at national parks and for good reasons – they’re beautiful!

This last trip, we were able to hike 60 total miles in 6 days.  It was hot, and then it was hotter.  We finished a 5 mile hike at Arches at 95 degrees, but good planning and lots of water made the day enjoyable.  And that is an excellent point to bring up. The best chance to have an enjoyable adventure is to do your research and be prepared.  Look up current weather conditions; have appropriate clothing, shoes, supplies, etc.  Visit the park a day ahead of your hike so you know where to park, and when to get there.  Plan a lunch and bathroom breaks, and always leave before it gets dark.  (We were actually waiting for it to get dark to catch the Milky Way, so we did stay late!)

The best part is spending time together.  We walk, talk, learn a little, and we take time to enjoy each other’s company.  We have many more adventures ahead and we’re looking forward to all of them.  I hope you are as well.



Cindy’s Biking Adventures!

My biking story is about personal goals I set for myself in Spring.  Here is a short background – I’ve been road biking for approximately 15 years.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, but never challenged myself.  I got out riding when it worked for me, no set schedule.  I rode with a few friends, doing our own thing.  I loved going downhill and drafting, lol!

I also discovered fat biking 2 years ago, and this past winter I rode and raced on the snow & ice.  It was a humbling experience, but I learned so much and I didn’t die!  So this pushed me to set new personal goals for the warmer months.

My goals hit many areas.  Socially, I discovered this is an awesome way to meet many new wonderful people!  So my goal was to join in as many different group rides as I could, and meet wonderful people who share the same love as I do.  I wasn’t always comfortable either.  Meeting up with new groups, not knowing if I would know anyone, and sometimes doubting my ability to keep up (not get dropped)…scary!  Not only did I not die, but I made many wonderful connections that only lead to more fun and more events.

Physically, my goals were to improve my speed and the number of times in the saddle each week, and not to be dropped from a ride.  I hit all goals, learned a ton, and discovered how wonderful carbon wheels are, lol!  Actually, I exceeded my speed goal, and averaged riding 4-5 times each week.  With that being said, I’m still striving to get stronger and to learn more.  I’ve also had a few opportunities to dirt ride and absolutely loved it.  So stay tuned…


Sherry Lemmens – August 2021 Client Spotlight

                                                                     SHERRY LEMMENS

Hi.  My name is Sherry and this is my story.

I’ve worked out in one form or another and have watched what I’ve eaten since my early 20s.  In 2016, I had a mishap on my bicycle and broke my femur.  I was told at that point that I had osteoporosis and a bone specialist wanted me to start taking a certain medication.  I researched the side effects of the medication (which scared the hell out of me) and said no thank you.  There had to be another option.

A friend of mine, Mike, was training at Pro Fitness and asked me to go to a customer appreciation gathering to check out the facility.  When I found out there was food and wine involved, I said of course I’d go!  Mike introduced me to Doug, I set up an appointment with him to discuss my situation, and that is how my journey at Pro Fitness began.

After one year training with Doug I had another bone density test which showed improvements in some areas and no worsening in others. I was ecstatic!  I still train with Doug once a week since he keeps me motivated.  I also try to train on my own at the gym twice a week.

In January, I was told I needed a total reverse shoulder replacement due to wear and tear.  Doug worked with me until my surgery to strengthen certain muscles that would help with recovery.  I just had my six week evaluation and the surgeon and physical therapists said I’m doing great.  I owe it all of Doug and Pro Fitness!  Mike, too.

Bernadine Van De Yacht – July 2021 Client Spotlight

                 BERNADINE VAN DE YACHT

I started training with Doug when he opened his personal training gym in Ashwaubenon, many years ago.  I trained with him for a while and then thought I could do this on my own.  I could not.  I started at another gym and had a personal trainer but returned to Doug when he moved into his current location on Hoffman Road.

I decided I needed a personal trainer because, like so many of us, if you don’t have an appointment you just don’t go or take it seriously.  You must be very disciplined which I am not to the degree of doing it regularly.  Doug and I go back a long way, perhaps 25 years, and I think we know each other very well!  He knows a lot about me by talking with me every time I train with him, which is twice a week.  He is always giving me information about good health choices and the proper foods to eat.

My initial goals were, and still are, to get exercise and keep myself young.  I’ve always loved music and dance.  In fact my high school yearbook says “Dancing and cheering is her fun and she’s always happy and on the run!”  When I’m training with Doug, Steve always puts on my favorite kind of music which makes the workout more fun.  It helps stimulate me.

The workouts have given me better health.  I have become stronger, have improved balance, and I have become more active than if I did not do anything at all.

Going forward, I plan on training with Doug twice a week until I am unable.  Doug and I have an agreement that if “I’m under his watch, I will be fine.”

I would like to tell anyone reading this that if you are saying to yourself I must do this someday, stop putting it off and make that call to Pro Fitness. (920) 632-7048.  Make that 1st appointment and you will be happy you did!  No, it is not easy, it takes work, and you will be very tired at first.  The more you do it, the easier it becomes, and at the end of each session I am incredibly happy and say to myself, “I am a free woman!” 

Thank you and take care,

Bernadine Van De Yacht

Hope Dalebroux – June 2021 Client Spotlight

When did you start training at Pro Fitness?

I started training at Pro Fitness in June of 2020.

Why did you decide to begin working with a trainer?

I’ve been overweight my entire life. In May of 2020, I was preparing to go back to work (my business was shut down for 3 months during the beginning of COVID) and none of my clothes fit anymore. I realized I had hit my highest weight ever, and that crushed me. I was feeling like garbage every day with constant heartburn, stomach aches, and low energy. I wanted to work with a trainer because I knew I really needed support and accountability with my health goals, and Cindy has really given me that and more!

What were your initial goals when you started?

My initial goals were centered around losing weight. I wanted to see lower numbers on the scale. I also wanted to fit back into my clothes and feel better physically than I did before.

How have the changes you’ve made impacted your lifestyle?

I’m down almost 40 pounds and I feel fantastic! I have so much more energy, I sleep better, I don’t get heartburn anymore, and I have a closet full of new clothes in a smaller size.

Going forward, what are your new goals?

Now my goals are focused on the bigger picture of my health. Obviously I want to lose weight and it’s been exciting to see lower numbers on the scale, but I want to make this a long-term healthy lifestyle. I want to make exercise and nutritious foods a daily part of my life and want to continue improving my mindset around my health. I want to challenge myself and try new things, like running a 5K or finding new places to hike/bike.

Any extra thoughts you would like us to add?

I am so thankful for Cindy and Pro Fitness!

If you’d like to be our next success story, call (920) 632-7048 to set up a FREE introduction to personal training with Cindy!

Denise Klubertanz – May 2021 Client Spotlight

                          DENISE KLUBERTANZ

When did you start training at Pro Fitness?
I began team training with Doug and my inspirational partner, Chris Jacobson.  I have also worked with Cindy who has been so resourceful and supportive.

Why did you decide to begin working with a trainer?
I always wanted to work with an educated trainer to help me with my fitness goals.  It was simply a matter of a good fit for me.  Doug is perfect.  I needed better balance in my life.  Fitness intermingled with work and family.
The accountability that Doug holds me to is what I need.  This also applies to my partner and great friend, Chris, who I team train with at Pro Fitness.

What were your initial goals?
Educate myself on living a healthier lifestyle through having an educated trainer.
Get stronger, primarily from waist up.  Being an avid runner, I had not focused on my core strength or upper body strength.
Work on improving my form with different exercises and making sure I am performing them correctly and not doing more harm to other parts of my body.
Develop a routine with my exercise and fitness that would help me reach my goals and fit in with my busy life.

How have the changes you’ve made impacted your lifestyle?
I have changed my diet and eating habits.  I have learned how impactful small changes can be, trying to not overwhelm myself with large expectations or goals in order to be successful.  I am far more aware of healthier and cleaner eating choices.  I do still cheat, but not as much.
I have learned how important it is to be active in all respects of our health, emotionally and physically.
I use the knowledge that I have gained from Doug and other trainers regularly in my job as a family nurse practitioner.  Much of my education to my patients surrounds living a healthy lifestyle with eating and physical activity.  Emphasizing to my patients the importance of a healthy lifestyle in order to better their health conditions or prevent medical conditions, such as anxiety, depression, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, etc.  My patients hear how much I live this life and I believe that will inspire them.

Going forward, what are your new goals?
Continue to follow directives, education, and goals that are set by Doug and myself.  Continue to work on my form with my training, whether it’s running, biking, strength training, or core strength activities.
Keep myself accountable to my fitness and health and the importance of this in order to lead a well-balanced lifestyle.  Continue to educate my patients on the importance of a healthy lifestyle for longevity.

Any extra thoughts you would like to add?
It’s hard to put into words just how thankful I am for the experience I have had with Pro Fitness.  I have met so many wonderful people during my short time at Pro Fitness.
I continue to me amazed at the knowledge that Doug has to share and love learning from him.
The positive energy from members, staff, and trainers is incredibly refreshing.  I would spend every day there if my life allowed me to.  Bottom line, I always look forward to getting to the gym and seeing everyone and all the hard work that each of you put forward.

Dan Shermo – April 2021 Client Spotlight

           DAN SHERMO

Dan has been a regular at Pro Fitness since September, 2019, when he and his lifting partner, Mark, became members.

Dan’s initial goals included learning new workouts and routines while getting stronger and staying focused.  “I’m more considerate of my diet, sleep, and taking care of my overall health and well-being.”

Going forward Dan plans to keep trying different exercises and making progress. “Pro Fitness is a great place to work out.  The gym is filled with friendly staff and many hard-working clients.”

If you’d like to be our next success story, call Pro Fitness at (920) 632-7048 to schedule your FREE introduction to personal training.  More information at

Mason Parker & Kellin Acosta – March 2021 Client Spotlight

                                         MASON, GEORGE, AND KELLIN

Mason and Kellin started team training twice a week with George about two months ago. “I’m training to get ready for football. I’d like to get stronger, and tone and condition for football” says Mason.  Kellin had a different reason for training. “My Mom had me start because I was depressed and bored and wanted to feel better about myself.  There were no sports due to Covid.”

Their hard work and dedication has already paid off.  Both boys are making healthier food choices and both are a lot stronger.  “I am a lot happier.  I have really nice muscles now and play less video games” says Kellin.

Going forward, Mason plans to continue training twice a week with George and hopes to be in prime condition when football season arrives.  Kellin would like to get bigger muscles, work on his basketball shot, and get faster.

In closing, Mason adds “George and Kellin are really nice people.  I look forward to seeing them both every week.”  Kellin adds “The best part of my week is when I get to work out with George.  I have learned a lot from him about eating, working out, basketball, and about muscles.  I think all kids should work out because it helps them feel better about themselves.”


Tim Besaw – February 2021 Client Spotlight

                        TIM BESAW

Three years ago this month, Tim wanted to get into better shape and called Pro Fitness to schedule his first personal training session. “My initial goals were to lose weight and improve my overall health.”

Doug created a personalized workout and diet plan for Tim in addition to one-on-one personal training twice a week. “The changes I’ve made in my lifestyle have afforded me the ability to do the activities I enjoy and travel freely.”

Going forward Tim’s goals include losing more weight and staying committed to his weekly training sessions with Doug. “Doug does a great job of training me and helping me understand what I need to do to meet my goals.”

If you’d like to be our next success story, call Pro Fitness at (920) 632-7048 to schedule your FREE introduction to personal training.  More information at

Jim Morrison – January 2021 Client Spotlight

                  JIM MORRISON

After a suggestion from fellow client, Mike Judge, Jim decided to call Pro Fitness and start personal training. “I knew I needed the discipline and guidance of a knowledgeable and professional trainer to maximize my exercise time and potential.”

Jim’s initial goals included weight control and overall fitness.  Over time, training became an essential part of his effort to increase his potential not only physically but intellectually as well. “Doug has been a mentor during my journey of education as I experimented with numerous exercise lifestyle and nutritional approaches.  We have traveled this path together and Doug has been a great resource and willing partner in this journey.”

Jim’s exercise routine has become more organized and better planned working with Doug the past five years.  “I have concentrated very much on evidence based concepts in training and nutrition to maximize the quality of my ability to function…to hold back father time.  This includes super slow training, fasting, and constant attention to the newest research.”

In addition to fasting at least one time per month for 4 to 5 days, Jim regularly uses time restricted feeding and follows a ketogenic diet.

“Going forward I plan to continue incorporating cutting edge medical and nutritional research in a program of exercise and lifestyle which maximizes my ability physically and intellectually.  Doug has been a superb and extremely motivating partner throughout.”