Jim Morrison – January 2021 Client Spotlight

                  JIM MORRISON

After a suggestion from fellow client, Mike Judge, Jim decided to call Pro Fitness and start personal training. “I knew I needed the discipline and guidance of a knowledgeable and professional trainer to maximize my exercise time and potential.”

Jim’s initial goals included weight control and overall fitness.  Over time, training became an essential part of his effort to increase his potential not only physically but intellectually as well. “Doug has been a mentor during my journey of education as I experimented with numerous exercise lifestyle and nutritional approaches.  We have traveled this path together and Doug has been a great resource and willing partner in this journey.”

Jim’s exercise routine has become more organized and better planned working with Doug the past five years.  “I have concentrated very much on evidence based concepts in training and nutrition to maximize the quality of my ability to function…to hold back father time.  This includes super slow training, fasting, and constant attention to the newest research.”

In addition to fasting at least one time per month for 4 to 5 days, Jim regularly uses time restricted feeding and follows a ketogenic diet.

“Going forward I plan to continue incorporating cutting edge medical and nutritional research in a program of exercise and lifestyle which maximizes my ability physically and intellectually.  Doug has been a superb and extremely motivating partner throughout.”

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