Tim Besaw – February 2021 Client Spotlight

                        TIM BESAW

Three years ago this month, Tim wanted to get into better shape and called Pro Fitness to schedule his first personal training session. “My initial goals were to lose weight and improve my overall health.”

Doug created a personalized workout and diet plan for Tim in addition to one-on-one personal training twice a week. “The changes I’ve made in my lifestyle have afforded me the ability to do the activities I enjoy and travel freely.”

Going forward Tim’s goals include losing more weight and staying committed to his weekly training sessions with Doug. “Doug does a great job of training me and helping me understand what I need to do to meet my goals.”

If you’d like to be our next success story, call Pro Fitness at (920) 632-7048 to schedule your FREE introduction to personal training.  More information at profitnessinc.com.

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