Sherry Lemmens – August 2021 Client Spotlight

                                                                     SHERRY LEMMENS

Hi.  My name is Sherry and this is my story.

I’ve worked out in one form or another and have watched what I’ve eaten since my early 20s.  In 2016, I had a mishap on my bicycle and broke my femur.  I was told at that point that I had osteoporosis and a bone specialist wanted me to start taking a certain medication.  I researched the side effects of the medication (which scared the hell out of me) and said no thank you.  There had to be another option.

A friend of mine, Mike, was training at Pro Fitness and asked me to go to a customer appreciation gathering to check out the facility.  When I found out there was food and wine involved, I said of course I’d go!  Mike introduced me to Doug, I set up an appointment with him to discuss my situation, and that is how my journey at Pro Fitness began.

After one year training with Doug I had another bone density test which showed improvements in some areas and no worsening in others. I was ecstatic!  I still train with Doug once a week since he keeps me motivated.  I also try to train on my own at the gym twice a week.

In January, I was told I needed a total reverse shoulder replacement due to wear and tear.  Doug worked with me until my surgery to strengthen certain muscles that would help with recovery.  I just had my six week evaluation and the surgeon and physical therapists said I’m doing great.  I owe it all of Doug and Pro Fitness!  Mike, too.

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