Bernadine Van De Yacht – July 2021 Client Spotlight

                 BERNADINE VAN DE YACHT

I started training with Doug when he opened his personal training gym in Ashwaubenon, many years ago.  I trained with him for a while and then thought I could do this on my own.  I could not.  I started at another gym and had a personal trainer but returned to Doug when he moved into his current location on Hoffman Road.

I decided I needed a personal trainer because, like so many of us, if you don’t have an appointment you just don’t go or take it seriously.  You must be very disciplined which I am not to the degree of doing it regularly.  Doug and I go back a long way, perhaps 25 years, and I think we know each other very well!  He knows a lot about me by talking with me every time I train with him, which is twice a week.  He is always giving me information about good health choices and the proper foods to eat.

My initial goals were, and still are, to get exercise and keep myself young.  I’ve always loved music and dance.  In fact my high school yearbook says “Dancing and cheering is her fun and she’s always happy and on the run!”  When I’m training with Doug, Steve always puts on my favorite kind of music which makes the workout more fun.  It helps stimulate me.

The workouts have given me better health.  I have become stronger, have improved balance, and I have become more active than if I did not do anything at all.

Going forward, I plan on training with Doug twice a week until I am unable.  Doug and I have an agreement that if “I’m under his watch, I will be fine.”

I would like to tell anyone reading this that if you are saying to yourself I must do this someday, stop putting it off and make that call to Pro Fitness. (920) 632-7048.  Make that 1st appointment and you will be happy you did!  No, it is not easy, it takes work, and you will be very tired at first.  The more you do it, the easier it becomes, and at the end of each session I am incredibly happy and say to myself, “I am a free woman!” 

Thank you and take care,

Bernadine Van De Yacht

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