Trainers Doug and Cindy – Summer Adventure Spotlight

Doug’s Adventure!

Thank you for giving this time to talk about our adventures in the U.S. National Parks.  Dionne & I spent a few days both at Canyon Lands National Park, and Arches National Park in southern Utah.  We like to travel to new places, explore the trails, and enjoy the small towns we pass through.  Our vacations over the past few years have all been hiking at national parks and for good reasons – they’re beautiful!

This last trip, we were able to hike 60 total miles in 6 days.  It was hot, and then it was hotter.  We finished a 5 mile hike at Arches at 95 degrees, but good planning and lots of water made the day enjoyable.  And that is an excellent point to bring up. The best chance to have an enjoyable adventure is to do your research and be prepared.  Look up current weather conditions; have appropriate clothing, shoes, supplies, etc.  Visit the park a day ahead of your hike so you know where to park, and when to get there.  Plan a lunch and bathroom breaks, and always leave before it gets dark.  (We were actually waiting for it to get dark to catch the Milky Way, so we did stay late!)

The best part is spending time together.  We walk, talk, learn a little, and we take time to enjoy each other’s company.  We have many more adventures ahead and we’re looking forward to all of them.  I hope you are as well.



Cindy’s Biking Adventures!

My biking story is about personal goals I set for myself in Spring.  Here is a short background – I’ve been road biking for approximately 15 years.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, but never challenged myself.  I got out riding when it worked for me, no set schedule.  I rode with a few friends, doing our own thing.  I loved going downhill and drafting, lol!

I also discovered fat biking 2 years ago, and this past winter I rode and raced on the snow & ice.  It was a humbling experience, but I learned so much and I didn’t die!  So this pushed me to set new personal goals for the warmer months.

My goals hit many areas.  Socially, I discovered this is an awesome way to meet many new wonderful people!  So my goal was to join in as many different group rides as I could, and meet wonderful people who share the same love as I do.  I wasn’t always comfortable either.  Meeting up with new groups, not knowing if I would know anyone, and sometimes doubting my ability to keep up (not get dropped)…scary!  Not only did I not die, but I made many wonderful connections that only lead to more fun and more events.

Physically, my goals were to improve my speed and the number of times in the saddle each week, and not to be dropped from a ride.  I hit all goals, learned a ton, and discovered how wonderful carbon wheels are, lol!  Actually, I exceeded my speed goal, and averaged riding 4-5 times each week.  With that being said, I’m still striving to get stronger and to learn more.  I’ve also had a few opportunities to dirt ride and absolutely loved it.  So stay tuned…


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