Ken Klemm & Sandy Perillo – National Parks Adventure

We started taking hiking vacations when we were in our 40’s.  While on a vacation to the San Juan Islands in WA, a former park ranger we met told us that if you want to see really panoramic scenery, you need to get out on the trails.  And we’ve found that to be true.  Now in our mid 60’s, we train with Doug (who has helped us recover from illness and work around injury) and work out at Pro Fitness so we can keep enjoying trails all over the world.  We’ve always been impressed by hikers in their 70’s, 80’s and beyond who are fit and out enjoying the trails.  We want to be like them.

This September we visited four National Parks:  Theodore Roosevelt NP, Glacier NP, Yellowstone NP and Grand Teton NP.  We hiked over 90 miles in 16 days and had some incredible experiences, taking in amazing views and color, watching the sun rise over the mountains, enjoying geyser eruptions, spotting big horn sheep, elk, bear and buffalo, and hiding behind trees while a moose walked down the trail just a few feet from us.  September is a beautiful time to visit the parks-no crowds, lots of color and perfect hiking weather.

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