Julia Slusarek – January 2022 Client Spotlight

                                                                                   JULIA SLUSAREK

My goal when I started training at Pro Fitness was to start making good habits. I decided during “14 days to slow the spread” I could make positive progress with my heath. During this time, I worked out with Cindy. She is the best! Her workouts are always tough but getting through her workouts has helped me grow stronger mentally and physically.  She has continued to be an encouraging support – always pushing me to be my best while validating where I am at. After a couple months of working out with her, I noticed that I was indeed making progress, and it was making an impact. I noticed that throughout the day I had more energy, I started getting better grades at school, and was getting better sleep. When I noticed that, I saw a sign on the bulletin board talking about “outliving your mobility” and I decided that that was going to be my new goal! I know it seems long term and the future is uncertain, but I realized that implementing better habits and staying active, I can achieve that goal and make it my lifestyle.   

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