October 2018 Client Spotlight

                     DANIEL PAGEL

Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Daniel Pagel this month!  Congratulations from staff and friends at Pro Fitness!

In 2009 Daniel was looking for a new place to personal train and discovered Pro Fitness.  “I had worked with a trainer in the past.  When that person left the area, I was looking for someone new because I would never do the things a trainer has you do.  It’s more time efficient, and I work best when I have an appointment that keeps me committed to exercise.”

Daniel’s initial goals were to have strength to continue working as a hair stylist, and also to look good naked!  “Working with a trainer who encourages you to be your best helps me stay focused and make better choices in my diet & exercise, and all aspects of my life.  I have better posture and strength, which really helps me get through long days at the salon.  My weight fluctuates a few pounds here & there, but I’ve managed to maintain a solid 40 pound weight loss over the past ten years or so.  Another bonus is my HDL (good cholesterol) levels are up 12 points.”

In the past, Daniel always focused on final fitness and/or weight loss goals.  Now he focuses on the journey, rather than the end result!

“Find someone you connect well with to train you.  Jason has made training fun and focuses on my specific fitness needs while encouraging and challenging me with respect for my limitations as the journey continues.  Recently, I had trouble getting to my appointment with Jason.  He immediately offered to travel to my home and train me there instead.  I really appreciate Jason for going above & beyond to help me stay on track.”

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