March 2019 Client Spotlight

                     STEVE RUKAMP

Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Steve Rukamp this month!  Congratulations from staff and friends at Pro Fitness!

I have been coming to Pro Fitness for about 2 years.  I ran into Chrystal teaching Group Fitness class at the YMCA.  I had met her and Rich many years ago and reconnected.  After a few weeks of taking her classes at the YMCA, I heard about her Core class at Pro Fitness.  With some gentle ribbing, I was convinced to give the Core class a try and have not looked back.

The Core class quickly turned into attending multiple classes per week.  I was introduced to Cindy and decided to try some personal training.  I was welcomed into her small Group Training sessions where I enjoy the unique and challenging workouts she creates.  These workouts have continued to push and challenge me beyond the Group Fitness classes.  The Personal Training and Group Fitness sessions has allowed me to meet many new people and create some lasting friendships.

I initially I got into fitness about 10 years ago.  I turned 40 and was very unhappy with my weight and lack of fitness discipline.  I joined the YMCA and began working out with the goal of losing some weight and improving my overall health.  I was about 50 pounds over my weight goal, had extremely high cholesterol, and my triglycerides were off the chart.  The journey was a long, slow process that had many highs and lows.

As I began losing weight, I realized that my diet also needed to change.  It forced me to prioritize and look at many parts of my daily life differently.  I now make time to work out almost every day.  Sometimes I will even drive 4 hours to get back to Green Bay in time for Chrystal’s Core class on Thursday Nights.  I have also learned to make different & better choices of what goes into my body.  Both the fitness and diet get challenged regularly as I travel for work and spend many nights in hotels and eating at restaurants.  In 2018 I was asked to co-lead a project that required me to be out of town 5 days per week, every week.  Once this project was completed in the fall of 2018, I found myself again over weight and not feeling healthy.  With the help of Group Fitness and Group Training, I was able to refocus and get my weight and health back under control.

My goal moving forward is to maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle.  I will continue to participate in as many Group Fitness and small Group Training sessions as I can each week.  I have also joined a gym near our Corporate Office that allows me to continue working out regularly.  I have signed up to participate in a Terrain Race this fall and want to be prepared physically for this challenge

I want to thank the staff at Pro Fitness.  I have been able to meet many new people and develop some great friendships while being challenged and pushed.  Everyone at Pro Fitness has always made me feel welcome and included.  I especially want to thank Chrystal and Cindy for their energy and dedication to my fitness and health journey.

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