“The people at Pro Fitness make working out enjoyable and keep me coming back!”


I began my weight-loss journey seven years ago after having my second child.  I joined weight watchers and then developed a workout routine at home with videos and running.  I lost 75 pounds over three years but came to a plateau in my weight loss, and started looking for workouts that were challenging.  My co-worker introduced me to Insanity classes with Chrystal and I was hooked.  Her classes were challenging and fun but after a few years the classes ended.  I joined the YMCA but the fitness classes were not for me.  I was at a plateau and wanted to find a gym that suited my individual needs.

I found Chrystal and joined Pro Fitness about two years ago.  I regularly attend Chrystal’s Core and More, Super Strong, and Doug’s Boot Camp classes.  I LOVE them all!  The routines are always different and challenging, and Chrystal and Doug push me past my limits.  Not only has my strength increased, but I’ve noticed physical changes to my body.  I’ve also met so many wonderful people and have gained a lot of new friendships.

Initially my goal was to lose 15 pounds.  Now my goal now is to strengthen, tone, and then try to lose a few more pounds, but not obsess over the number on the scale.  The changes I have made have given me more energy for my kids and I feel comfortable in my clothes.

Moving forward I want to continue to strengthen, tone, and maintain a healthy weight.  The people at Pro Fitness make working out enjoyable and keep me coming back!

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