Julie lost over 100 pounds during the past year!

                                      JULIE BIRR

Julie started training at Pro Fitness in March after a fellow client recommended Pro Fitness.  “My friend Dan has worked with Pro Fitness for years and he highly recommended the staff!  I was losing weight and needed to tone my body.  I needed the expertise of someone who knows how to target the areas I needed help with the most.”

Julie’s initial goal was toning but now includes strength training, cardio, and working on a balance of all of these. “My energy level has gone through the roof!  I have lost 110.2 pounds since August, 2018, and training at Pro Fitness has helped me gain muscle and keep losing weight.” Going forward, my goals include losing another 35 pounds and increasing muscle mass”.

Cindy is the best to work with.  She is encouraging, motivational, and supportive.  I couldn’t have made it this far without her.” 

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