Thao Nguyen – December Client Spotlight

                                  THAO NGUYEN

In May, 2018, after deciding she needed motivation, Thao began personal training  with Lisa at Pro Fitness.  “Pro Fitness is only minutes from my house.  I saw it on a regular basis and thought I should check it out.”

Thao’s main goal at the start was to improve her cardio capabilities through a program of exercise and diet designed by Lisa.  “If my muscles got toned and I lost a little weight, that was okay, too.”

Thao has not only reached her initial goals, but her confidence level has increased at the gym.  “I want to continue to improve my cardio and get stronger.  I’ve also started to attend group classes where I’m meeting new friends.  Pro Fitness and its employees and members are such a great community.  I am so happy I met you all!”

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