The Hendricks’ Kids – April 2022 Client Spotlight

We are so grateful to Doug and the Pro Fitness Family for welcoming our children into the gym at such a young age.  The culture at Pro Fitness is all about teaching the importance of fitness and nutrition.  We feel blessed that our children are being equipped to have a healthy lifestyle at such a young age.

Last summer, one of our family highlights was training for a 5K together.  Through this experience, we talked about things like:

  • Doing our best and not comparing ourselves to others.  Comparison is the thief of joy. 
  • Having fun and enjoying the journey.  It wasn’t just about finishing, it was about celebrating progress.
  • Encouraging each other.  When one person wasn’t feeling up to the challenge, we would lift each other up. 

In addition to learning how to have a healthy lifestyle, our children are also learning life and leadership skills through their experience at Pro Fitness.  These are lessons we hope they carry with them for life!

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