July 2015 Client Spotlight

                                       KIM GIESE

Another month, another amazing transformation and story!  We are proud to announce Kim Giese as our July Client of the Month!

At 56 years old, Kim had never even been to a gym and she weighed 204lbs.  She had osteoarthritis in both knees and believed that due to that, all she could do was walk.  Her typical day consisted of going to work, making dinner, and then sitting on the couch to watch TV.  Fast food restaurants were consistent and convenient for her; but if she was to try to lose weight she would turn to prepackaged dinners, which are very high in sodium.

With obesity being predominant in much of her family with most females weighing over 200lbs.  Kim’s grandfather and father both has heart disease and died of strokes.  Her grandmother and both parents also had type II diabetes – it’s safe to say that she has many motivating factors to make her transformation!

Before began a total overhaul of her lifestyle, she was experiencing numbness in her feet and swelling in her legs and ankles.  On the very of type II diabetes herself, Kim decided it was TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE!

Now, Kim works out 6-7 days a week alternating between strength training and cardio with her trainer Doug here at Pro Fitness.  She can deadlift 210lbs – WHICH HAPPENS TO BE MORE THAN SHE WEIGHED WHEN SHE FIRST STARTED GOING TO THE GYM!

Another big change is that Kim pays attention to everything she eats daily.  She doesn’t rely on pasta or breads to fill her up and is no longer the self proclaimed sugar-aholic she once as.

So far Kim is down 80lbs, and 10 dress sizes!  Also, she was the 2015 North East Wisconsin Lifestyle Change Award winner for the American Heart Association!

Kim also had a special message:

“Pro Fitness has given me my health back…and that’s priceless! Doug you have not only given me the tools I needed to lose weight and get healthy, you have also given me courage to try new things, confidence, determination and the ability to stand up for what I believe in. Most of all you’ve given me the ability to believe in myself. Thank you for all you have done for me. Now I just want to give back for all I’ve been given and hopefully inspire others to lead a healthier more active lifestyle. Thank you to everyone for all your support, guidance and friendship. It truly means a lot to me”.

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