August 2015 Client Spotlight

                       LEE AND PATTY YOUNG

This month we have something special for you all!  For the first time we have Co-Clients of the Month, Lee & Patty Young!  We are proud this husband and wife combo as our August Client(s) of the Month!

Patty was the first of the pair to join the Pro Fitness family over 4 years ago, and not  too long later Lee joined.  Initially coming in to ask about corporate fitness programs, Patty quickly started making strides towards her goals.  She soon found herself enjoying pushing herself in ways she never imagined before (running, jumping, boot camps, etc).  On her own she was a little hesitant in regards towards her workouts and jumped at the chance to train with Cindy when she asked.  Very similarly, Lee began training with Omarr when he had a conversation about what level of fitness, endurance and stamina he wanted to achieve.

Starting out the two had very specific goals for themselves and worked everyday towards them.  Patty was bound and determined to return to her slimmer self and to buy regular – not plus sized – clothes again!  Lee, on the other hand wanted to improve his overall fitness level without being forced into some “weird diet or do a ridiculous amount of stress inducing exercise”.  Together these two have been great examples of what can be accomplished through hard work and commitment to their goals.

The pair has easily broken the century mark on pounds lost and they are close to 120lbs down! Wow.

Patty has found that training has given her a greater sense of accomplishment. Not only has it affected the two in their health & fitness, but it’s also impacted their family life in that they have a stronger common bond in both of their food choices, fitness, and training.  Lee is even feeling at his best again, like he was 15 years ago!

The goals don’t stop here though, the Youngs are re-evaluating their goals and checking more off the list!  In October Lee wants to successfully get the US Team through the 2015 World Fishing Championship. It will be a 72 hr Enduro and he willg have to work real hard knowing he will not going to get time for regular meals.  Luckily his training with Omarr is focused on making him as prepared as possible so that he can rely on his fitness and stamina to get through that.

Lastly, Patty has a special message:

“Not only do I enjoy working with Cindy as my trainer, I also consider her to be really good friend. Her being there, and offering her support has proven very valuable to me”.

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