October 2015 Client Spotlight

                                   BOB LEMIEUX III

October is here, so we are bringing you another great story of improvement and success.  Unlike some of the other months, October we are showcasing a collegiate athlete who came to us looking to take his game to the next level – and he has done exactly that!  We are proud to announce Bob LeMieux III is our October Client of the Month!

In May of 2014 Bob came to us after his first year playing baseball at St. Norbert College and wanted to improve his athletic performance in the offseason.  To say he “stepped up to the plate” with Trainer Darron’s program would be an understatement – HE KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!  For his program, Bob was looking at 5 days a week of intense training that incorporated functional movements, Olympic lifts, plyometrics, explosive cardio, and strength training all while still enrolled in summer classes, summer baseball season, and a full time schedule working at LeMieux & Sons Toyota.

Over the course of both summers, Bob has been pushed to reach his potential and has established himself as a true workhorse in the weight room.  Committing 5 days a week to training is no easy task, especially with everything else he had going on.  But never once did he complain, make excuses, or give up – and he was able to reap the rewards of his hard work.

Each year he has set and reset new personal records on all four of the core lifts in his program: 1) Deadlifts, 2) Squats, 3) Bench Press, and 4) Hang Cleans.  Just this summer he had an increase of 34%, 40%, 28%, and 27% to those lifts respectively for his 1-Rep Max (the maximum weight that can be lifted 1 successful time).  With those increases he added between 50-120lbs to each lift JUST THIS SUMMER.  In addition to his dramatic strength increases Bob also has knocked 3 tenths of a second off of his 60-yd dash time, giving him another advantage for the coming season.  Last but not least, through improvements in his eating habits he has put on just over 15lbs of Lean Body Mass (MUSCLE!) since he first started working with Darron.

The life of a college athlete lives and dies from the countless hours spent training, practicing, going over and beyond when no eyes are on you.  You need to be willing to do what others are not, you have to be committed to your purpose, and you have to do whatever it takes to keep up with the others aiming to take your spot.  Without a doubt Bob has been up to the challenge and still continues to work in the early hours of the morning and late hours of the evening to be the best he possibly can be on the field, in the classroom, at work, and in his training.

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