November 2015 Client Spotlight

                                  JAMES HARBAUGH

The start of a new month means another incredible success story to share!  We are so proud to announce that James Harbaugh is our November Client of the Month!

James always felt like the fat kid in elementary and middle school.  He couldn’t do a single sit up. He found Pro Fitness after his doctor told him to lose weight and exercise.  “My inspiration came from the desire to not become unable to do the things I love because of my weight, and I had no idea how to change it on my own.  My initial goals were simply to lose weight and learn how to exercise.”

James started training with Lisa in March at 301 pounds, and was down 50 pounds by the first week of June!  He was thrilled to find out he could have a high protein diet vs high carb.  James’ first attempt to walk a mile on a treadmill took 20 minutes.  On November 1st he ran 10 miles at just over a 10 minute/mile pace, and on October 20th James did 100 push-ups!!

His three main goals: Lose weight…DONE!  Get fit…DONE!  Lower blood pressure and cholesterol…DONE!  From his trainer Lisa: “James works hard, never complains, and never takes credit for all his hard work.  He definitely has put in the time and keeps getting stronger every week. I am so proud of how hard he works, keeps going, and how he sticks to his diet! Way to go James!!”

James has completely changed his diet, cut carbs, and his energy level has drastically increased. Getting healthy has also rekindled his desire to hunt deer with a bow again!

Going forward, James’ goals include reducing his BMI to a healthy level and continuing to increase strength.  As of early November, he has lost a total of 79 pounds!  Congratulations, James!!!

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