December 2015 Client Spotlight

                           SUZETTE NGUYEN

It’s our favorite time again at Pro Fitness!  Sharing another life changing success story with you!  We are proud to announce that Suzette Nguyen has been selected as our December Client of the Month!

Suzette came to Pro Fitness in early June after deciding she was ready to make a change. “I had started with a clinic in the area for help and guidance to lose weight.  I had little results which was scary and depressing.”  Despite being very intimidated by a gym and reluctant to call, a friend who personal trains with Doug suggested Suzette contact Pro Fitness and schedule an appointment.  “I met with Doug and it changed my life!”

Suzette didn’t have a specific goal when she started training. “I wanted to feel more energetic and I wanted to feel better about myself, inside and out.  The changes have made me feel so energetic, motivated, exited, HAPPY, and most of all, PROUD OF MYSELF!  I am loving the changes I made.”

Going forward, Suzette’s goals include working on her new lifestyle change.  “I am a work in progress, so I would love to continue to improve my overall health and keep getting more fit.”  Suzette plans to challenge herself by attending boot camp, running, and improving her overall self.

“I am so thankful every time I step foot in the door!  The trainers and staff at Pro Fitness make me feel so welcome.  They have encouraged me from the moment I walked in the door.  The clients and Pro Fitness team make it fun to get up and come to the gym!”

From her trainer, Doug: “Suzette has done a wonderful job by staying focused on her goal and showing consistency with her efforts, both at home and at Pro Fitness.  I’m very proud of her accomplishments thus far and look forward to a great year ahead.”  

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