January 2016 Client Spotlight


As we venture into a new year, Pro Fitness is excited to share another story about one of our amazing clients!  Sharon Savignac has been selected as our January Client of the Month!

Sharon started working out at Pro Fitness almost three years ago after she got tired of hearing herself say, “this year I’m going to get in the best shape of my life,” and then not doing anything differently to make that happen.

Her goals included strengthening her core and becoming a stronger biker after being away from biking for nearly 20 years.  “I knew that only putting more miles on my bike wasn’t going to be enough at my age.  A stronger core was going to help me with bike handling, climbing, and probably endurance.” 

Exercising and eating healthier have become more of an enjoyable part of everyday life for Sharon.  “Working out is not just something I do because it’s supposed to be good for me.  Getting into better biking shape led me to The Bike Hub’s weekly women’s bike ride, something I’ve enjoyed taking part in.”  Sharon also participated in other organized bike rides this past summer.

As Sharon looks ahead at 2016, she’d like to step it up a notch or two with her training.  “I’m hoping to do Race the Lake again this year, in addition to trying one or two other competitive bike races.”  Sharon would also love to get together a team from Pro Fitness to do a mud run together!

“So many of the people (staff and other clients) here have become my good friends.”  We consider you a good friend too, Sharon!  Congratulations!

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