May 2016 Client Spotlight

                      GARY KASTER

It’s time again to recognize a Pro Fitness Client who has made a dramatic change toward a healthier lifestyle, and continues to inspire all who know him!  Congratulations, Gary Kaster!  You have been voted Pro Fitness’ May Client of the Month!  Gary’s story, in his own words.

“The year was 2004 and I was 40 years old.  Approximately six months after being diagnosed with cancer, resulting in having a kidney removed, my body was in need of some reconditioning and lifestyle changes.  I knew I was in need of more than just going to a gym.  I needed a trainer and more of a life coach trainer as well.  A neighbor and past client of Pro Fitness recommended I stop and see Doug Van Iten at an upcoming open house he was having.  My initial goals at the time were to start eating healthier and condition my body to a healthier state.

Over 12+ years I’ve made many changes and have trained with many of the awesome trainers at Pro Fitness.  The past few years have been with trainer Cindy Holschuh, which has brought a great balance, physically and mentally, to a continued healthy lifestyle.

Through these years I’ve gone from being winded from a couple of flights of stairs, to learning from Doug that 3 minute miles on a bike is not a suggestion, but an ordinary goal after 20 to 50 mile rides.  I’ve also competed in Duathlons, Century Bike Rides, and Relay ½ Iron Mans.

Pro Fitness has not only brought good lifestyle changes, but also mentally has brought a fresh start to each days unique work challenges, and has made me a better person for what I do.

My goals going forward are to maintain my new healthier body weight and continue to enjoy every sunrise, as I believe each day is a gift most take for granted.

Thank you to all of the trainers who give it their all every day, along with the awesome staff (Tammy and Steve) for taking care of all the extras that keep Pro Fitness the welcoming gym it is.”

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