April 2016 Client Spotlight

                                COLLEEN DUCKE

While we consider all of our clients outstanding, it’s time again to put the spotlight on someone who deserves special recognition for their extraordinary hard work and dedication toward a healthier lifestyle!  Without further delay, we are thrilled to announce that Colleen Ducke has been voted April Client of the Month by Pro Fitness.

Four years ago Colleen started her journey to get healthy when, after yo-yo dieting on and off forever, took a friend’s advice and started training with Chrystal.  Colleen weighed 366 pounds.  “I needed accountability, someone who would not let me quit.   I needed someone who would push me, especially when I didn’t want to be pushed.  I needed Chrystal.  I started training with her and have not looked back.  Chrystal goes above and beyond for me and all of her clients.  I appreciate Chrystal’s patience, her compassion, her humor, her knowledge about health and fitness, and her occasional kicks in the rear and loud reminders to not take the easy way out of anything.  She is a very important part of my journey.”

When Colleen first started training with Chrystal, her initial goals were to lose weight.  Then about 6-12 months into her journey, it all changed. “I knew I needed to change my life, and this time my journey could NOT be just about the weight.  I needed to do everything differently in order to be successful on my journey to health.  So, I started to look at my life.  I looked at my nutrition, my working out, my family, my friends, my job, and everything in between.  I wanted to change my whole life, not just my weight.”  In addition to going back to school and becoming a Life Coach, Colleen has accomplished many goals she set for herself.  “I ran a 5K, bought a bike, rode a bike for the first time in 20 years, and biked 75 miles in one day just because I could.  I finally got brave enough to get in a kayak and paddle around a lake.  I wore a tank top to a class at the gym.  I completed 10 triathlons in 6 weeks and ran the Bellin Run.  I even got up on stage and did a Zumba song with my trainer.  I decided that I need to start living out of my comfort zone.  I encourage my friends and family to do the same thing.  It’s great!  Every day is a new challenge.”

 The changes that Colleen has made have impacted every aspect of her life, including her job and family.  “I am more productive and energized to do my job every day.  I am able to be active and a good role model for my daughter.  I can bike, swim, Zumba, hike, and be active with her now.  I was not able to do those things with her when she was little and growing up.  I regret that.  I don’t have to be a spectator in my own life anymore.”  Changing her eating habits was another huge step for Colleen.  “I lived on fast food and hated to cook.  Now, I hardly ever eat out and love to cook.  I love to try new healthy recipes and every weekend I meal prep for the next week’s meals.”

Going forward, Colleen’s new goals are to continue to inspire other people to want to get healthy.  “I want to help people learn to write goals, accomplish goals, and live outside their comfort zone.  I am also planning on doing a non-traditional Ironman event this summer, trying sky diving, and whitewater rafting.”  One of the biggest challenges for Colleen will be learning to maintain her weight once reaching her goal.  “I love my life and I’m not going back!!”

In closing, Colleen adds:  Thank you for nominating me for Client of the Month at Pro Fitness.  It means a lot to me.  Before weight 366lbs, today 186 lbs.”  Congratulations Colleen from everyone at Pro Fitness!  You are an inspiration.

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