March 2016 Client Spotlight

                              MARTY JOHNSON

Pro Fitness has another inspiring and motivating success story to share!  We are very happy to announce that Martin (Marty) Johnson has been selected as our March Client of the Month!

Marty initially joined Pro Fitness in 2009 to take part in our Boot Camp classes.  In June 2010, he was offered a free personal training session.  He says, “After that training session was over, I thought I was going to die.”  But Marty decided to stick with it and he has never looked back.

Initially, Marty’s goal was simple – “to improve me!  My knees were buckling, and my belt wasn’t, so something had to happen.”  Later, Marty was told by doctors that he needed to lose 40 pounds before he could receive a much needed surgery for arthritis in his hip.  For the past year, that has been Marty’s “Big Goal.”  We are proud to congratulate Marty on recently achieving & surpassing his goal!  With more than 40 pounds lost, his doctors have approved the surgery and scheduling is in the works.  Marty could not be more thrilled, and we are so thrilled for him!

The changes Marty made to reach his goals have made an impact on his lifestyle.  “I am more aware of what I eat, how I eat.  I still hate working out, but I hate it a lot less.  I still crave everything, but I eat wiser.”  When Marty does enjoy a treat, he’s “cheating” in much smaller portions these days.

Marty’s future goal is to have the surgery on his hip and recover as quickly as possible.  “I would like to try for another 25 pounds, and maybe learn how to outrun Cindy (his trainer) from “beating me up” so badly during training!” 

Marty also says, “The comforting thing for me at Pro Fitness is no matter the client, or what profession a member is, we all see each other at our worst and our best.  With my latest task/goal, I achieved it with the support from all the people here, including staff and clients.  We all have succeeded!”

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