September 2016 Client Spotlight


Michael Boyle, Laurie Boyle, and Pete Hoeft have been taking classes together at Pro Fitness for a combined 18 years and counting!  Pro Fitness is proud to announce the trio as our September Clients of the Month.

Laurie began her journey at Pro Fitness while searching for a gym that offered smaller, one-on-one classes, and was the first to sign up more than eight years ago.  Three years later, after finding a place that helped her stay strong and build core & endurance, Laurie convinced Michael to give it a try. ”I was pretty much a couch potato and I guess pretty out of shape.  My initial goal was not to die at the first session.  Following my first ever plank, I laid on the ground and saw stars for quite a while – but I came back.”

Pete was looking for balance in his exercise, playing racquetball exclusively for his workouts. “My wife, Lee, had been working together with Laurie Boyle for some time.  She asked me to join the group one day and I kept coming back!”  That was more than five years ago.  Pete now eats more nutritious foods and can also get into skinny jeans.

Laurie and Pete’s time at Pro Fitness has taught them to eat better, especially with Doug’s weekly nutritional tips.  For Michael, reshaping his body and adding muscle has been beneficial, but has had an even bigger impact.  “I’ve become a runner in the past 3 & ½ years.  I’ve run 30 races from 5K to 10K, even placing in the top three in my age group a number of times.  This month I will compete in my first half marathon!” 

Going forward, Michael hopes to maintain his enthusiasm for the two work-outs per week and continue to be more aware of his health.  Laurie would like to add another work-out to her weekly routine.  Pete’s goals include taking at least 10,000 steps per day and climbing another big mountain in Colorado.

All three agree that working out in a group setting at Pro Fitness is the driving force that keeps them motivated to do the very challenging, but fun classes.  Laurie really enjoys the camaraderie and more personal touch she gets at Pro Fitness.

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