October 2016 Client Spotlight

                            MICHELLE KEEHAN

Pro Fitness is excited to share another great story of improvement and success!  Congratulations, Michelle Keehan!  You have been selected as our October Client of the Month.

Michelle began training with Lisa at Pro Fitness in April of 2015, to get in shape for a very special occasion – her wedding day!  “One day, I was trying on wedding dresses and could not decide between two.  My sister took a picture of me in both dresses and as soon as she showed me the pictures, I was devastated and immediately became upset.  At that point, I needed a change.  I stopped into Pro Fitness one day and immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and trainers.  In 2015, I started training with Lisa and have not regretted it ever since (except when she makes me use the prowler… just kidding)!”

Michelle’s initial goal was to lose weight.  “I felt that I needed someone to push me in order to lose those extra pounds.  I started personal training weekly with Lisa and started taking one of her scheduled classes once a week.  Time after time, I stepped on the scale and my weight would be exactly the same.  However, I soon realized that I was feeling better, had more energy, and my clothes were fitting even better!! I even went back to some of my ‘skinny’ clothes that had been put away in hopes to bring them back out someday. I also couldn’t believe how many coworkers, family and friends noticed the changes!  I realized that it isn’t always about decreasing the number on the scale, it is about being healthy.  I was losing weight, but was also gaining muscle and more importantly gained confidence. “

The changes Michelle made to her lifestyle had an impact on more than just her wedding.

“I didn’t realize how unhealthy I was.  Each year, we get health assessments taken at work and for the past 4 years my cholesterol and BMI was high.  I contributed the cholesterol to “bad genetics” and I would just ignore my BMI because I didn’t want to believe it.  However, since working out and eating healthier, my cholesterol and BMI are in a healthy range and I passed all of my health scores with flying colors!!  Overall, I wake up every morning feeling better and with more energy!  The wedding might be over (and I can’t thank all the trainers enough for helping me feel amazing on such an important day), but working out is fun for me now and the even better benefit is feeling great every day and being healthy!  I continue to keep my schedule, personal training once a week and attending class.  For me, it is about having a schedule that works for me, and going to a gym and a trainer that you enjoy!  Through multiple classes, I have met so many great people and made so many friends who are here for the same reason, to improve their lives.  The atmosphere, trainers, and workout friends are what makes Pro Fitness so unique and enjoyable to come to.”

In closing, Michelle would like to add: “Thank you so much to all the staff at Pro Fitness for all their hard work, dedication, and making Pro Fitness such a great gym!”

We think you’re pretty GREAT too, Michelle!

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