November 2016 Client Spotlight

                             CLARISSA WALL

Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Clarissa Wall.

Clarissa first came to Pro Fitness in January 2016 to take Chrystal’s Bootcamp & HIIT classes. In February, she added personal training to her routine.   Clarissa says, “Having an ACL replacement and meniscus repair took a tremendous toll on my mind and body.  Exercise was always a big part of my life, and after surgery and extensive recovery I was frustrated, over my goal weight, and felt totally out of shape.  I decided to begin training with Chrystal because I loved her sense of humor and her energy. I enjoyed going to her group exercise classes and was finally seeing results toward my fitness and weight loss goals.  I knew if I invested in a weekly personal training appointment it would keep me more accountable in my overall exercise and nutrition, while also helping me reach my goals faster.“

Clarissa’s initial goals were to lose weight & improve her physical fitness.  “I have lost weight and inches.  My clothes fit much better.  I am happier and have more energy.  My meal planning and preparation has changed.  I try to eat healthier and cleaner.  Much of my weekly meal prepping is done on Sunday.  I have found if I have things ready to go and don’t have to think, it is much easier to make healthier choices.”

Another bonus, Clarissa says, “My running pace has become faster as well. In October, I ran the Bellin Women’s Half Marathon and improved my time by 19 minutes from the Cellcom Half Marathon I ran in the spring.  I went from a 2hr, 15 minute to a 1hr, 56 minute half marathon.”

Going forward, Clarissa still wants to meet her initial weight loss goal, so group classes, personal training, and clean, healthy eating continue to be in her plans.  Another important goal…”I would love to get my family more on board with healthy eating too!“

We really appreciate this additional note from Clarissa:  “Thank you very much to the staff at Pro Fitness for their dedication and hard work.   I am honored by this feature even though sharing it publicly is WAY out of my comfort zone.”

“I also want thank all of my workout friends.  They play such a huge part in keeping me accountable to show up, especially at our early morning workouts when I’d really rather be sleeping!  All of the laughing makes our workouts much more enjoyable!  I appreciate each and every one of you.”

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