January 2017 Client Spotlight

                                    KARLA QUICK

Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Karla Quick this month!

Karla started her journey at Pro Fitness in January, 2016, after deciding it was time to take her health back.  “I was 20 lbs overweight, felt tired all the time, my hips and knees ached, and I felt mentally foggy.  My physical blood work showed I was pre-diabetic and had high cholesterol.  I walked into Pro Fitness and immediately felt it was the right place for me.  Everyone was very positive, friendly, and the energy just felt right.”

Karla signed up as a member that day and had her first training session with Doug the next week.  “I felt I needed help to get back into shape and needed the push and accountability to continue, even through all the pain it takes to get there.”

Besides personal training with Doug and regular exercise, Karla has made some major changes to her eating habits during the past year.  “I decided to eat a clean and healthy diet.  To me this means eating food that doesn’t have a label or very few ingredients.  I gave up sugar and wheat.  My diet does not contain food with any artificial color, artificial flavor, or preservatives.  I make all of our meals from scratch.”

So far Karla has lost 30 pounds and feels much younger, with more energy and less stress.  Her husband has lost 20 pounds by agreeing to follow her new way of eating.

Karla’s long term goals include staying healthy with regular exercise and never letting her health take the back seat again.  In the short term, she’s already looking forward to warmer weather.  “I want to continue to exercise so that I can look really good in a bikini by the pool this Summer.”

“I am very pleased and grateful for the staff at Pro Fitness, especially Doug, for helping me to obtain my main goal of being healthy again.  You really have nothing if you don’t have your health.  Being a nurse, I see first-hand what can happen if you don’t take care of yourself.”

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