February 2017 Client Spotlight

              KIRSTIN SLUSAREK

Pro Fitness is proud to announce that Kirstin Slusarek has been selected as our Client of the Month!

In 1995, Kirstin met Doug while he was giving a presentation at St. Vincent Hospital.  With encouragement from her sister, Amy, Kirstin contacted Doug at Pro Fitness and set up her first personal training session.  She’s been a client ever since and has been training with Cindy for the past three years. “Cindy has really helped me reach my goals and challenge myself to do more.”

Initially Kirstin’s goals were to lose weight and get in shape, but she soon realized that living a healthy lifestyle made everything easier and gave her a lot of additional energy.  “My daughter, Alicia, and Cindy always remind me of the importance of healthy, clean eating, along with personal training.”

Going forward, Kirstin’s main goal is to maintain her healthy lifestyle, but knows it won’t always be easy. “I realize it will take effort and commitment to continue healthy eating and working out three times a week.  I am grateful for the support of my family.  My daughter Maria’s commitment to fitness and my daughter Alicia’s commitment to our totally healthy lifestyle, inspire me to be the best I can be.”

 “Cindy, Doug, Tammy, and the entire staff at Pro Fitness make it an enjoyable, do-able journey.”

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