March 2017 Client Spotlight

                                  TAMMY MOCCO

Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Tammy Mocco this month!

Knowing the increased importance of fitness as we age, Tammy decided to set new goals for herself and she thought of a place where she had past success – Pro Fitness!   To achieve her goals, Tammy met with Doug for personal training sessions and also regularly attends group classes at Pro Fitness.  Challenging herself in these workouts has led to great results for Tammy.  She is down 6 sizes, going from a size 12 to a size 6!

When asked how the changes she has made impact her lifestyle, Tammy says, “I have four grandchildren aged 8, 6, 6, and 4, and being able to keep up with them feels great!”  Going forward, Tammy would like to focus on nutrition and would like “to be more aware of what foods I am using to fuel my body.”

I am very thankful to all the staff at Pro Fitness for their support and encouragement through this journey.

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