July 2017 Client Spotlight

               MIKE JUDGE

I started training with Doug in 1999, in order to build strength, equilibrium, flexibility, and accelerating levels of fitness in the knowledgeable and factual guidance that Doug Van Iten and his team can provide.

I led an aggressively satisfying physical fitness regiment of running, hiking, biking, and weight lifting for about 20 years prior to joining Pro Fitness.  Doug found ways to add to the strength and stamina I had enjoyed as a Marathon runner in the New York City Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, and in a number of other athletic challenges and fitness contests.  I also enjoyed encouraging others to experience a fitness goal for the first time in charity races I ran for my local church for many years.

Working with a trainer allowed me to build on those gains I had made and be prepared to take on new and harder fitness challenges.  Doug has a personality that encourages his clients to have a can-do attitude.  He knows how to motivate clients to push themselves beyond their self-imposed past limits, and rejoice in the successes gained from that philosophy.  Since I have always shared Doug’s philosophy in life, working with him was a perfect fit for me the past 18 years.

Through the skills and levels of strength, equilibrium, and flexibility I learned, I have been able to add a specially selected list of home fitness routines in addition to my weekly session with Doug.  I do 100 pushups and a 2 minute plank each day in my home garage, a low-impact exercise routine 3 x a week, as well as biking and occasional running on weekends.

The outstanding gift of fitness training has helped me not only achieve and keep building on my fitness goals as I have reached my 70th year, but to enjoy the confidence and fun of realistically setting new fitness goals.  Like Doug, I believe that your goals expand when you push yourself – and that the confidence gained keeps pushing you on to be even healthier.  Not a week goes by without Doug sharing some new research or knowledge that helps me understand the body and its potential, and he uses that knowledge to help me in the specific ways that match my own strong goals and match my potential.

Even though I have had numerous sports, health, and other life events that have challenged my fitness goals, Doug was always knowledgeable in helping me work through those interludes and adjust my rehabs at those times realistically through positivity.  As a result, I have unlimited confidence that I can achieve the highest possible level of fitness, far beyond what I myself could have ever imagined.  Thank you, Pro Fitness!

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