August 2017 Client Spotlight

                         MARK VAN GHEEM

Mark’s journey at Pro Fitness began in May after his physical therapist, Dr. Andy Taber, from Advanced Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, recommended Mark see a personal trainer to help reduce pain in his hips and lose weight.

Mark signed up with Jason and began training three times a week.  In less than three months Mark has lost over 40 pounds and counting!  “Training has made me more mobile and I have less pain in my hips.”

Mark also meets with Nutritionist, Alicia Slusarek, every two weeks to discuss diet and lifestyle habits and incorporate real-life nutrition strategies.  They set weekly goals together, which holds Mark accountable as he works toward his short and long-term goals.

Going forward, Mark would like to continue losing weight and restructure his body mass.  “I’m very satisfied with the results so far.  Working with a trainer is very helpful and I’d probably lose interest if I wasn’t working with Jason.”

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