September 2017 Client Spotlight

                             GARY AMBROSIUS

Gary started training at Pro Fitness about a year and half ago.  His initial goals were to improve balance, flexibility, mobility, and most important, because of Asthma, Gary wanted to increase his lung capacity.  Gary’s asthma is improving, his balance is getting much better, and he feels a lot better overall.  Amazing accomplishments considering how much his life changed 23 years ago.  Gary’s inspiring story, in his own words:

“My fitness journey began on an icy morning, December 9th, 1994.  I was struck by a truck while attempting to assist people in a van that had rolled over.  I endured a broken right hip, broken left leg, broken ribs, ruptured spleen, and had multiple fractures.  I was confined to a wheel chair until my broken bones healed enough to put weight on them.  Dr. Grace stated if I do it right, he would get me walking again.  Dr. Grace referred me to the CP Center for treatment in their aquatic pool.  The staff at the CP Center was terrific and did a great job in getting my mobility and getting me back walking again.

After I completed my therapy, I did not want to lose mobility, so the staff at the CP Center referred me to the YMCA.  It was there during a class that I noticed a group of runners on the track above.  They invited me to join them and my running took off from there.  It was after I started running that I was diagnosed with Asthma.  Just another obstacle to overcome in my fitness journey.

I continued taking classes at the Y and some time ago, I took a class that Chrystal was leading.  After class we got talking and she invited me to stop over at Pro Fitness and try one of her classes there.  After some thought, I decided to take her up on the offer.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Her first class was kind of tough but I survived.  The people I have met and friendships I made have made Pro Fitness a dynamic place to work out. I have also done personal training at Pro Fitness and will be signing up for additional personal training sessions this fall and winter.  The staff is great and has been so helpful in keeping me motivated.

I would like to thank the staff at Pro Fitness for all their help in keeping me on track and everyone will know I am there when you all hear Chrystal proclaim “Breathe Gary”.  Thank you so much for all Pro Fitness has done in keeping me focused and on track to reach my health fitness goals.”

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