October 2017 Client Spotlight

                                       RICH ZANK

About seven years ago I decided to make a change. I was worried about the possibility of looking for a new job and didn’t want to go to an interview looking “unhealthy”. I got on the scale and was somewhat stunned to see I had hit 240lbs.

I started walking and watching what I ate which started the ball rolling but I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be enough.  Chrystal, who had recently become certified as a personal trainer, told me to start writing down every calorie that I consumed in a day, and don’t cheat!  It was the 2nd best health tip I ever received. When you are standing in line at a store and don’t buy that candy bar or bag of chips because you don’t want to have to write it down, that’s motivation!

The best advice I got was to try group fitness. Chrystal was trying to get me to personal train with her.  I had been walking, biking and even tried P90X in our basement but I just didn’t have the confidence to try training yet. She had just become certified as an Insanity instructor and convinced me to try it. It was the day before Thanksgiving and I tried in my head to come up with every excuse I could, too much traffic, too much to do, etc….but I went.  I wasn’t instantly hooked but I did prove to myself I could do it. I talked Mark Zeratsky into trying it with me to help hold me accountable and now almost 7 years later we still workout several times a week together and we are both hooked. We do a boot camp near our homes in Howard at Bode where Brian does a great job and I take every class I can at Pro Fitness.

I now have the confidence to do some personal training, which I like to mix in with the group fitness and love the special events that Pro Fitness offers. The Spartan training we did was the most rewarding and motivating class I have ever been involved with. The trainers at Pro Fitness do an incredible job of making every workout seem tailored to your level. You can always amp it up or modify if you need to work around and injury or some other obstacle. The other clients are what keeps me wanting to come back, they make it fun, they make it hard and they make it the fastest hour of my day and one I’d hate to miss.

I’d like to thank Doug, my wife Chrystal and the entire Pro Fitness team for not making this a diet, but rather 60lbs. later, a life style change.

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