June 2018 Client Spotlight


Pro Fitness is excited to put the spotlight on Sarah Stumpf and Diane Clemens this month!  Congratulations from staff and friends at Pro Fitness!

Sarah has been training with Doug for more than 8 years and Diane started about a year ago.  Both women knew they needed to invest time in strength training to stay healthy for other sports as they aged. “By organizing and committing to a schedule with a trainer, we began strength training regularly and have been ever since!”

Building overall body strength with an emphasis on core were intial goals Sarah and Diane both wanted to achieve through personal training. “Doug tailors our training to help us stay strong and lean vs. strong and bulky.  We have a fun strength routine day with friends at least once a week.  Doug has also helped us maintain our healthy lifestyle choices by talking about diet and other findings through his research.”

Going forward Sarah and Diane would like to lose another 5-10 pounds, continue to stay healthy for their active lifestyles, and be happy and healthy, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, as their bodies and lives transition between ages.

Sarah adds, “The power of routine, structure, and being with friends have been driving forces in our success working with a trainer.  I lacked commitment for my strength prior to training with Doug.  Doug created a routine and structure for us that is fun and has been there for us for many years!  We in turn have made our Pro Fitness training fully part of our lifestyles.  I look forward to my early Friday mornings as much as my other workouts with friends.  Thank you Doug!”

Diane adds, “I love working with Doug!  He is always reading and coming in with new ideas or solutions to our concerns.  I do not like working out in a gym so I appreciate the diversity of not always being on machines and taking us outside during Summer.”

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