Dr. Craig Janssen & Mary Kenneke, April 2020 Client Spotlight

Craig & Mary joined Pro Fitness in 2011, personal training twice a week with a few exceptions.

From Dr. Janssen:

A trainer pushes you way beyond what you would do on your own. Designated appointments ensure that there are not excuses for not making it to the gym. A trainer observes and corrects exercises that you may be doing incorrectly and or make adjustments. Quitting is not an option. The session is also made enjoyable with health-related discussion and humor.

Our goals were to stay healthy and be able to work and play without the chronic pain issues that the majority of Americans suffer from. Being in your 60’s and beyond watching life from the couch and moving slowly does not look very exciting. There are too many opportunities in life to enjoy and you need your health to be able to do things. Exercise, good nutrition and proper sleep make the above an almost certain reality. What you proactively do to care for yourself determines your destiny. Genetics play a 20% role and we play an 80% role in our health.

With the regular training routine, we work 50+ hours in our dental practice weekly and do an array of outdoor activities at our country home. We have a huge garden over 50 fruit trees, 15 beehives, 40 egg laying chickens, and two dogs. The dogs eat deer carcasses, passed away chickens, and 4 eggs each per day from our chickens. They are extremely healthy dogs who only see a vet for wellness checks. They are an example of what happens when you eat what nature intended you to eat. Maybe America should consider doing away with a highly processed diet full of sugar and preservatives.

Staying healthy is extremely important to us as we have professional and hobby interests we want to achieve and enjoy. We want to help spread and shape the holistic dental concept which emphasizes the importance of oral health and its relationship to general health. You will never be healthy if your mouth is in disarray. Over 95% of dental disease does not hurt and when it does, it is generally to late to save the tooth/teeth. We will continue working with Doug as it plays a vital role in our success.

A few extra thoughts:

  • Drink ½ of your weight in ounces of good water per day (not out of the tap since it contains chlorine and fluoride which are both poisons).
  • Avoid processed and sugar added foods and beverages.
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep per night.
  • See your Pro Fitness trainer as exercise is extremely important if you desire to live a long high-quality life!

From Mary:

We felt it was very important to keep our bodies fit as our job is very taxing to our postures. Utilizing Pro Fitness and a personal trainer helps us to work on our weaknesses and improve on our posture and core muscles.

We have found that working out with Doug and the staff at ProFitness makes our job easier at work and at home. We keep an active life at home with gardening and raising and taking care of chickens and our 2 dogs. We have many projects going on at home and training has kept us prepared for whatever life deals us.  We also grow and raise most of our food, which allows us to have a better handle on what we are putting in our bodies.

Regular exercise along with eating right are very important to both of us.  We enjoy sharing our knowledge of nutrition, health, and physical exercise with family and friends so they don’t have to live with unnecessary health issues.

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