Katheryn Resch – July 2022 Client Spotlight

When did you start training at Pro Fitness?

December, 2021.

Why did you decide to start working with a trainer?

I was going through a divorce and recovering from major surgery.  I was anxious to get back into shape after my doctor gave the approval.  I had been off work almost three months recovering.

What were your initial goals when you started?

Lose 20 pounds. I wanted to get down to a size 6 and 140 pounds.  Strengthen core muscles, lose fat, and gain muscle.  I needed a boost.  I was trying on my own and hit a plateau.

 How has the changes you’ve made impacted your lifestyle?

I fell so much better, stronger, and my self-esteem improved as well.  I am making healthier eating choices and am practicing intermittent fasting, which boosted my metabolism.

Going forward, what are your new goals?

Now I am looking at trimming my waistline.  I want to be able to do 100 sit-ups without struggling, three sets of 35.  Also my body needs firming and toning.

Any extra thoughts you would like us to add?

Thank you Pro Fitness for giving me the tools and knowledge to help my healing and strengthening process.  God really does send Angels.  Thank you, Cindy.  You are an amazing train

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