Kathy Koslowski – September 2022 Client Spotlight

When did I start training?

Feb. 11, 2022

Why did I decide to work with a trainer?

I wanted to work with a professional trainer to learn to exercise safely for my neck, back and hip. I have never belonged to a gym and wanted to learn what to do!

I wanted to improve my core strength, arm strength and cardio and needed guidance on how to get all of me in better condition for my long term health and mobility.

For the last 8 years, I have had a hard time motivating myself to exercise and became a little lax on my eating habits.  My lower back/hip issues also got in the way.  I gave myself excuses and would say, “I don’t look that bad.” But, I couldn’t wear about 80% of my wardrobe and even my ‘fat’ pants I bought last summer got tight.

We got home from a trip to Nashville Feb 6, 2022 and I took the next day off of work to reset myself and get organized at home before going back to work.  I told myself I had to call Pro Fitness, the gym my friend recommended at least 6 months earlier.  Finally at 2pm I got the courage to place the call.

When I spoke to Doug to set up an appointment to visit the gym, he said to bring my work out clothes.  We would start “doing” some exercise, not just talk about it and get the dust off my muscles.  I liked that approach, because I knew my muscles were dusty!

Initial goals:

Improve arm and core strength.  I want to continue to lead an active life well into my 80’s and 90’s and be able to get off of the toilet!

As Doug would say, “continue to say ‘yes’ to doing things in life”.

I want to be able to work and help in my yard and not rely on my husband to do all of the lifting of lawn furniture, etc. in spring.

My oldest son and I have a variety of conversations and he said “mom, keep yourself strong as you get older” and I want that so I can travel and hike with him in the mountains.  That was my March goal!

Weight loss—I wanted to shed those extra pounds I had gained.  I have lost 15 lbs at a slow and steady pace.

How have the changes impacted my lifestyle?

 In my first meetings with Doug, he talked about first having a vision, then setting my goals to achieve my vision.  I wrote those two words on the chalk board in our back entry as a daily reminder of my vision and goals and I took time to write down my monthly goals to get me going on this journey.

Eating Habits—The March salad challenge was perfect timing in helping me reel in my meal and snack choices.  I am improving at taking time to prep fresh veggies for a snack, eating more healthy salads each week, and in general eating a little lighter.

Augusts’ one week reset challenge was also excellent timing because I had started to get a little sloppy again after the July 4 holiday and family events that followed throughout the rest of the month.

I am exercising 2-4 times per week with Doug and Chrystal and have class time in my schedule.

My functional abilities have improved and my back and neck are stronger.  The pain and discomfort has been a slow and steady decline to where I can say this is the best mobility I have felt in about 8 years.

New goals:

Lose 5 more pounds.

Incorporate two additional walks into the week with my husband and our dog.

Increase my pace on my walks and get back to a 15 minute mile.

Take part in a walking event next summer.

 Extra thoughts:

Doug’s one-on-one coaching each week has been very helpful in reminding me of my accountability to myself and the choices I can make for myself.  He teaches, encourages and challenges in a subtle, yet direct way.

Chrystal brings a great energy to my week, always giving us low, middle and high impact options and reminding us it is our work out and to push ourselves to our best potential.

With both teachers, it isn’t about what you can’t do, it is about what you can do and building your strength and energy from there.

At age 55, I realized I haven’t done a weekly activity with a new group of people in a long time.  Getting started, I felt awkward, weak and slow in transitioning between activities.  Each class I kept telling myself I can only get better…..and I have improved AND the staff and members at Pro Fitness made a huge difference.  They were welcoming and encouraging, making me feel a part of a new family that encourages and supports you.

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