Sally Follett – October 2022 Client Spotlight

                                                                  SALLY FOLLETT

I feel honored that you have chosen me to be the October client spotlight.

I met Doug approximately 20 years ago. He would come to our home and train my husband, son, and me.  Within a few years, I found myself coming to the gym to train and work out.

I have always been an active person. Our family would take yearly bike trips to Europe with our teenagers and Mark’s parents. They were in their 70’s and they gave me the inspiration to bike and hike into my 70’s. That was my motivation to take my fitness to a new level and work with a trainer. By doing this I was able to bike century rides and many long weekend rides with my good friend Sharon, who I met at Pro Fitness.

I always look forward to working with Doug and tell him that Pro Fitness is my happy place. He has taught me so much, not only fitness, but nutrition, fasting, medical conditions, and treatment. He has pushed/motivated me to be the best I can be.

Going forward, I have started taking Silver Sneakers classes. I am finding I need more balance and flexibility along with strength training. I would call ours Silver Sneakers Advanced Plus. Cindy uses lots of useful exercises to keep us toned.

Pro Fitness is a unique, boutique gym. The staff is the best. Doug, Cindy, Crystal, Tammy, and Steve will treat you like family. Thank you Pro Fitness for being a part of my life!

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