Christine Jacobson – November 2022 Client Spotlight

                                                        CHRISTINE JACOBSON

When did you start training at Pro Fitness?

A long time ago.  Maybe 10 years?  Started working out with Doug, Omarr, and Cindy.

Why did you decide to begin working with a trainer?

To build lean muscle, stay in great shape and control my weight.  Working out helps control anxiety and is essential for energy when you’re in the service industry!

What were your initial goals when you started?

Weight loss and muscle building, but mostly cross train.  I used to run and never lift weights or work on my core.  Now, years later, I am so thankful that my core is strong. As my knees and joints age, I’ve notice how many times my core saved me from falling and losing balance, and keeping my whole body moving.

Going forward, what are your new goals?

Well, my knees are suffering, due to standing, genetics, running, etc.  It has forced me to become “creative” with my workouts.  I’ve worked with Doug to understand swimming and am working diligently to become more proficient in the pool.  That has helped me take some time off my knees. 🙂

Any extra thoughts you would like us to add?

I am so thankful for Doug’s continued patience!  Aging and not being able to do everything I want to do is difficult.  Doug handles the aging body with finesse.  Just like brushing your teeth, working out has become a habit.  I never go a day without brushing my teeth or working out.  It’s just part of the day!  It motivates me and assists in giving me confidence of accomplishment.  It’s also a wonderful social engagement outside of work.  I truly wish I could personal train, daily!

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