Tom Kinnard – January 2023 Client Spotlight

When did you start training at Pro Fitness?

I started working with Cindy at Pro Fitness about 2013. Over the last 9 years it has been on and off depending on my schedule.

Why did you decide to begin working with a Trainer?

I had worked with a trainer in the past. I needed a set schedule with somebody to guide me and hold me accountable. It is easy for me to get in a routine of doing the same thing all the time. Working with a trainer helps mix things up and I get a better total body work out.

What were your initial goals when you started?

I initially started just trying to stay in shape and keep ahead of my Type 2 diabetes. Even though I have been working out with Cindy for a long time, I was never serious about my eating and exercise. She would always remind me that it was time to hit the gym.  After several years of losing weight and gaining it back, this last year I was totally tired all the time, mentally exhausted, and in a depression. I was about 250lb, the most I had ever been. My A1C was close to 8 and was maxed out on my diabetes medication. I remember talking with Doug and saying I do not think I will not make it to 60 the way I feel. Cindy went out and started doing an amazing amount of research and educating herself on Type 2 diabetes.  We set a goal to get me healthy and off as many of the drugs as possible to improve my physical and mental health..  Cindy researched diligently and we worked together to find a dietary plan, supplements, and exercise plan that worked with my crazy schedule.  We also made changes to my plan and supplements as needed.

How has the changes you’ve made impacted your lifestyle?

Since spring I am down from 208 pounds, the lowest I have ever been since high school. At my doctor appointment in October my A1C was 6.1 and my medication was cut in half. I have a lot more daily energy. I feel so much stronger when I work out. My outlook on life has totally changed and just all around I feel so much better.

Going forward, what are your new goals?

Now that I have achieved my initial goal of getting my A1C under control and a weight goal of 215 pounds, we have set new goals of continued control of my diabetes, getting my weight down below 200 pounds, with a concentrated goal of getting off my diabetes medication altogether.  I would like to continue to lose my gut and improve my core strength. I want to continue to live a normal balanced life!

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