Kevin Garthwaite – February 2023 Client Spotlight

When did you start training at Pro Fitness?

I joined May of 2021.  Due to the pandemic, my work office gym was no longer an option and working out at home was becoming difficult.  When things opened back up, I was in need of a place to get back on track. Pro Fitness was the first place I went to.

 What were your initial goals when you started?

I had just turned 39 and wanted to get into the best shape I could before I turned 40. I had already been a runner, but needed to get weight training back into my regimen.  I wanted to add muscle and strengthen my body so I could get faster and recover better from running.   I also wanted to feel better mentally. Pro Fitness has a great combination of free weights and machines and their flexible hours of operation help me stay disciplined in making my workouts.

How has the changes you’ve made impacted your lifestyle?

I feel better at 40 than I ever did in my 20’s and 30’s. Being in a regular workout routine has had physical benefits, but I would say it has done just as much if not more for my mental health.  I definitely have more energy. Staying active also helps you make better nutrition choices. I still enjoy some libations and good feasts, but having discipline to keep working out keeps you accountable and you don’t get the peaks and valleys. I have always had a hard time dealing with the Wisconsin winter “blahs”, but having a place to go to help your physical and mental health has been so valuable.

Going forward, what are your new goals?

I want to keep pushing forward to see how much better I can get with my running times and to keep seeing gains with my weight training. I also want to set a positive example for my children by staying active and healthy. My awesome wife has been super supportive and that keeps me moving forward.

Any extra thoughts you would like us to add?

I feel fortunate that I joined a place that is more than just a place to work out. I see people of all ages and abilities, and it is highly motivating to see. I enjoy the friendly staff and seeing familiar faces. The environment is fantastic and they really try to make fitness and health fun.  Keep on grinding and enjoy the journey!

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