Big Sur Marathon Runners – June, 2023 Client Spotlight

On April 30th of this year I had the privilege of joining a few of our clients in the Big Sur Marathon in Carmel, California.  We had a beautiful setting along the West coast as we walked or ran in the various races that weekend.  Our group included me, Dionne, Denise, Mike, and Molly.  I ran the full 26.2 mile marathon and Denise ran the 21 mile course.  Dionne, Mike, and Molly did the 7 mile course.  Congratulations to all the in our group!

This team effort started many years ago when I found a list of the 10 most scenic marathons in the U.S.  Other races included: The Marine Corp Marathon, Chicago Marathon, New York Marathon, and a few others.  I have one more this October at the Twin Cities Marathon in Minnesota.

Denise ran the 21 mile race and that was the longest distance she has ran yet, so congratulations to her.  Mike was able to run/walk with his daughter Molly and also share a wonderful weekend with his wife.  I was very happy for them.

Future plans include the San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon (Molly’s home city), The Honolulu Marathon, The Los Angeles Marathon, and Boston.  These would complete the top 10 marathons in the U.S.  After that, ???

People get better together.  Whether you’re at the gym, walking with a neighbor, biking with a buddy, or running on a Saturday morning in winter at minus 10 degrees; people get better together!  Find your group, find your fitness path, and challenge yourself to make fitness a part of your life.  You might find a few life-time friends along the way.

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