Hope Dalebroux – July 2023 Client Spotlight

I started personal training with Cindy at Pro Fitness in June of 2020.  I’ve lost 65 pounds so far and just completed my first 5k!

I remember when I first started at the gym.  I walked on the treadmill at a 2.0 mph pace and held onto the sides.  Now I jog!  I also remember how it felt like such a struggle in the beginning when Cindy would have me run around the outside of the building.  Now it feels effortless.

Cindy is always so encouraging and pushes me outside of my comfort zone.  My goal with my first 5k was to finish in 55 minutes, and I finished in 50 minutes with a new PR mile time.  I’m continuing to train and work on my pace, and will be doing the Packers 5K in July!

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